Needle Felted Sculptures.

One of the most amazing things about Needle Felting is the very simple materials that are required to create a sculpture.  All that is needed is some core wool, a sponge pad, a few different needles and some wire for the armatures.


Before too long something magical happens! Here’s my process…..

Processed with MOLDIV
First I make a basic  shape – in this case a rabbit- using wire and pipe cleaners for armatures. Then I start to wrap the armatures with core wool and needle it into shape. Once the facial features are created I can start to see who’s waiting to be born.

hare 4.JPGClearly this little guy is in need of something to wear!

Processed with MOLDIV
So here he is, all decked out in a beautiful coat with tails and a few accessories. Look at the change in this guys attitude! 

Here are a few of my other creations.

Joseph and Friend


This sculpture started out with the idea of creating a snail. Soon it became apparent that he needed a friend, and his rider was born. When I found this lovely piece of wood it became their perch. A few flowers and some “moss” and soon there  is a story waiting to be told………

This is Fireflybb4

She is a lovely baby dragon with a sweet disposition and a gift for getting up to mischief.

bb2How could you not LOVE this face?!


This wise gentleman resides in a chair I built with twigs and rusty stars. He holds the book of wisdom and is ready to impart his knowledge to all who will hear.


The Tree Spirit

tree-sThis little fellow just makes me smile. I’m not sure what his story is.  He just came bursting out of his stump one day and before you know it he went to a new home. I kind of miss him!